Ag Olympics

July 16, 2019 @ 5:00PM — 11:00PM

Ag Olympics

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Teams include 6 players


Ag Olympics Coming to Grand Junction!

The Mesa County Fair Board is excited to announce a NEW Community Night at the 2019 Mesa County Fair “Where Hard Work Meets Fun” presented by Barnes Electric.

Come join us for the Ag Olympics featuring a relay style race with teams of six competing to see who can complete a round of agricultural tasks the quickest. Categories like: roping a steer, navigating a wheelbarrow through gates, baling hay, and even a barrel race, all while making sure you “dress” the part! Costumes encouraged!

Process: Two teams compete head-to-head.

  1. Irrigating – First team member must run to the pile of boots, find a pair, put 'em on, climb over fence panel, run to the end, return to their team, pass off boots.
  2. Pounding – Second team member must put on boots, run to the pile of hats & put one on, run to post driver, pound designated t-post to the required depth, return to their team, pass off boots and hat.
  3. Digging – Third team member must put on the boots & hat, run to the pile of overalls & put a set on, run to the post hole digger, dig to the required depth, finally return to their team pass off boots, hat, & overalls.
  4. Barrow – Fourth team member must put on boots, hat & overalls, run to the freshly dug post hole and shovel the dirt into a wheelbarrow, then navigate the wheelbarrow through an obstacle course to return to their team to pass off boots, hat, overalls & wheelbarrow.
  5. Bailing – Fifth team member must put on the boots, hat & overalls, run to bales of straw, choose a piece to dangle out of their mouth, then move 6 bales of hay from one circle to the other (can use the wheelbarrow), then return to their team, pass off boots, hat, overalls & straw.
  6. Riding – Sixth team member must put on the boots, hat, overalls, and--of course--dangle the straw piece from their mouth, run to corral, choose a bouncy pony, then complete the obstacle course on it.

The top two teams with the best times will then compete in our bouncy pony barrel race for 1st & 2nd place.


  • Each team member must have the required clothing items with them at the end of each relay for time to count.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected.
  • Have fun, be silly, but safe.
  • No cheating allowed, but creativity is encouraged.
  • In case of questions, conflicts, ties, teams will mud wrestle to determine the winner. Just kidding, the best two out of three for Rock, Paper, Scissors will determine the winner. The judges’ decisions are final. Bonus point may be awarded for style.

Rules & Schedule subject to change

Register your teams of SIX beginning Friday, May 17th at noon for only $300

  • Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Friends
  • Family

You don’t need ANY experience to participate!

For more information visit our website at Media Contact: Mackenzie Dodge 970-234-9808 Mesa County Fairground Manager: Donna Redd 970-256-1532

Event Location
Mesa County Fair
2785 US-50
Grand Junction, CO 81503
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