Mud Volleyball at Mesa County Fair

July 16, 2019 @ 5:00PM — 11:00PM

Mud Volleyball

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The Mesa County Fair Board is excited to announce a NEW Community Night at the 2019 Mesa County Fair “Where Hard Work Meets Fun” presented by Barnes Electric

Come get muddy in our pit or join us for the Ag Olympics featuring a relay style race with teams of six competing to see who can complete a round of agricultural tasks the quickest. Categories like: roping a steer, navigating a wheel barrow through gates, baling hay, and more all while making sure you “dress” the part!

Register your teams of SIX beginning Friday, May 17th at noon for only $300 right here!

  • Organizations
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Friends
  • Family

You don’t need ANY experience to participate!

Gate admission is FREE thanks to our Day sponsors:

  • Wednesday the Rotary Club of Grand Junction
  • Thursday Credit Union of Colorado
  • Friday Atlasta Solar
  • and Saturday FCI Constructors

Ticketed events include: Grandstand events, InflataVille, Wine Tasting & Goat Yoga.

  • PBR Thursday
  • Ned LeDoux Friday
  • Demolition Derby Saturday

Come enjoy FREE Acts Daily such as the Kids Zone, Mountain Bike Stunts, Duck Racing, Comedy, Magic, Glass Blowing, Wood Carving, Contests, Local Music, Livestock Tours and don’t forget Beacon Senior Day Wednesday, July 17th with FREE Bingo for Cash Prizes plus senior specials and activities all day!

For more information visit our website at Media Contact: Mackenzie Dodge 970-234-9808 Mesa County Fairground Manager: Donna Redd 970-256-1532


1. All team players must have a signed waiver turned into the Tournament Director(s) in order to play.

2. Tournament style will be updated & determined based on how many teams register.

5. Teams are allowed 5 minutes to get to their next scheduled game and/or warm-up. This will keep play moving forward.

6. In the event of a tie after time has expired, team captains will have to mud wrestle for the victory. Just kidding, we'll start from a zero score and have a 2-minute playoff. Whichever team served the first ball of the game will initially receive in the playoff. Whoever has the most points at the end of 2 minutes wins.

7. Maximum of six players on the court at one time during a game. Team rosters limited to ten players.

8. Players may only play on one team throughout the tournament. The Tournament Director(s) may make exceptions in the case of injuries.

9. Team captains will report scores to the registration tent.

10. Server will call out the score before each serve indicating the serving team score first (i.e.: 5 serving 2) and then motion for the serve.

11. There will be no alcohol, or pets allowed in the pits. Speaking of alcohol, if you consume too much and start arguing or whining excessively, you'll either forfeit the point, game, or tournament.

12.. The tournament will continue in the rain. (Hey, you're muddy already so what's a little more water) In the event of lightning, the Tournament Director(s) reserve the right to suspend play, alter the brackets, and/or cancel the tournament. It's all about safety and seeing you come back from the pits in one piece and not looking like a burnt hotdog.

14. Balls will not be loaded with mud before service. Wipe off the excess mud.

14. Team players will rotate clockwise (aka: to the right) when your team receives the ball for service. Just follow the little hand around the clock face.

15. All substitutions must be made into the serving position. Substitutes will leave the game from the front right position. Substitutes will enter into the back-right position just prior to serving. All players do NOT have to substitute OUT, and players may substitute back IN, in any order, provided that Rule #2 is maintained.

16. The ball must be hit (batted). Holding, lifting, pushing, or throwing the ball while in play is a foul.

17. Only three (3) hits allowed per side. A player may not hit the ball twice in succession. A block is not considered a hit.

18. The ball may be hit (played) with any part of the body.

19. It is a violation to spike with two hands.

20. Attacking the ball (players reaching across the net) is not allowed and the other team will receive the point. It is a foul for players to "get into" or touch the net during play or cross under the net in a way that interferes with the other team.

21. Making contact with the net (other than incidental contact while hitting the ball) is a net violation. All net violations will be called and result in a point for the opposing team. Hair touching the net is not a violation. Clothing touching the net is a violation.

22. Blocking or attacking a serve is not allowed. First violation by a team in a game will be a warning resulting in a replay. Subsequent violations will result in a point being awarded to the serving team.

23. If the ball hits, the net (on a serve), poles, or cables it is OUT. On a return serve, a ball hitting the net or cable is still in play.

24. "Ball On" will be called if a ball from another pit interferes with play, (directly or indirectly), or if the ball becomes a safety hazard and the point will be replayed.

25. The penalty for fouls is loss of possession and unhappy teammates.

26. Play IS FOR FUN to benefit local youth through the Grant a Wish Program; unsportsmanlike conduct, arguing, etc. will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the event.


A) Wearing swimsuits under clothing makes cleanup easier.

B) Wear tightly woven clothing if you are going to wear clothes.

C) Taping shorts to tucked-in shirts helps stop shorts from coming down.

D) Do not wear contact lenses without protective eyewear (i.e. goggles).

E) Bring plenty of towels.

F) A spray bottle with water helps clean your face.

I) Bring: money (Food, drinks, and other items will be sold on the premises), chairs, ID and sunscreen

J) Don't Bring: drinks of any kind, grills, glass or animals.

K) All jewelry, watches, necklaces, rings, etc. are encouraged to be removed. Believe it or not, Mudd is slippery, so jewelry has a tendency to slide off and we can't be responsible for its loss.MUDD VOLLEYBALL RULES

Pre-registration encouraged as we typically SELL OUT!

Can't attend? Click our donate button to support local youth in lieu of participating!

All proceeds benefit local youth through the Grant A Wish Program. Scholarshipping TODAY's youth for tomorrow's FUTURE!

With your help we have provided over 90 scholarships this year alone! Giving local youth the opportunity to participate in extracurricular programs and activities that they would otherwise not be able to afford. Providing life skills along with positive peers & role models!

Join us to help "Grant a Wish" for a child in need & help provide confidence for our future.

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